About This Guide

Getting Started describes how to get started with the QNX Wireless Framework (QWF). The QNX website has QWF reference (evaluation) images. You can download the platform-specific reference image you need, copy it to your target and begin using the QWF system for your project.

Note: This guide may refer to hardware platforms that are not supported in the current QWF release. For up-to-date information about supported platforms, see QWF Release Notes.
To find out about: See:
Setting up the hardware Setting Up the Target
QWF reference images QWF Reference Images
Downloading a reference image and transfering it to your target Transferring an image to a target
Booting your reference image on your target Booting a reference image
Building a QWF target image Building a QWF Target Image

For information about customizing and building target images, see the QNX SDK for Apps and Media Getting Started guide.