QWF Reference Images

A reference image is a convenient way to install a complex system on a target board.

A QWF reference image (which is stored as a .img file) contains the entire system from the Initial Program Loader (IPL) to user applications. It also includes the BSP and the startup code for its targeted platform, and all the filesystems, libraries, resource managers, and components and products, such as QNX Apps and Media.

You can transfer a reference image directly to a removable storage medium (e.g., SD card) without having to modify partition information. After you have finished copying the image to the removable medium, you can simply insert the medium into your target system, and boot.

Platform-specific images

QNX Software Systems makes available platform-specific reference images built with QWF. This release includes reference images for the following board-modem-Wi-Fi module configurations:

Board Cellular Modem Wi-Fi module
Freescale i.MX6Q SABRE Smart Gemalto ALS3-US TI WiLink 8
Freescale i.MX6Q SABRE Smart Telit LE910 TI WiLink 8
TI DRA7xx Jacinto 6 Vayu EVM Telit LE920 TI WiLink 8
Note: If you're using a reference image, you shouldn't need to do anything with the BSP. The BSP included in the image is configured for the QWF on the supported board. If you do need information about the BSP, see the BSP User's Guide for your platform.

Getting started

To get started with QWF, all you need to do is:

  1. Set up the connections and configuration for your platform, as described in "Setting Up the Target."
  2. Download a platform-specific reference image to your host system.
  3. Transfer the reference image to a removable storage medium.
  4. Insert the removable medium with the target image into your target platform, and boot from this image.