About This Guide

Getting Started describes how to get started with the QNX SDK for Apps and Media. The QNX website has Apps and Media reference (evaluation) images. You can download the platform-specific reference image you need, copy it to your target and begin using the QNX Apps and Media system.

Depending on what you need to do, you should refer to different chapters in this guide:

The following table may help you find information quickly:

To find out about: See:
Getting started with a reference image Installing and Booting a Reference Image
How to transfer a reference image to your target Downloading and transferring a reference image
How to add apps to your QNX Apps and Media project Apps and HMIs
How to build an Apps and Media image Building Target Images
The tasks you must complete to build a target image How to create a target image
The process mksysimage.py uses to build an image Understanding the mksysimage process
Scripts and utilities you use to build an Apps and Media image Scripts and utilities
The QNX Apps and Media startup process Startup
How to modify your target image Modifying Target Images

In the interests of brevity, in this document target and reference images generated from the QNX SDK for Apps and Media may be referred to simply as "QNX Apps and Media target (or reference) image", or even "Apps and Media image".

The variable base_dir used in this guide refers to the directory where you installed QNX SDP on your host system.

We have included in the installation the version of Python that we tested for building Apps and Media.

For information about supported hardware, see the Installation Notes and Release Notes that are posted on the QNX Download Center.