QNX® SDK for Apps and Media

The table below will help you find your way around the documentation for the QNX SDK for Apps and Media. Here you'll find all of the docs you need to develop apps for connected embedded devices where a compelling UI/UX solution is paramount.

Document Description
Getting Started Describes how to copy a QNX Apps and Media image onto your target platform, how to build a target image, and how to modify a target image.
Application and Window Management Explains how to package apps for installation, and install and launch them on the target device.
HTML5 Developer's Guide Covers creating apps, debugging apps with Web Inspector, and creating Cordova-compliant plugins. Also describes the Weblauncher JavaScript APIs.
io-fs-media Reference Explains the io-fs-media filesystem service and how to configure drivers through this service.
Metadata Provider Library Reference Describes how to use libmd to extract metadata from attached devices, so that your application can display track information and album artwork.
Multimedia Architecture Guide Illustrates and explains the organization of the multimedia components.
Multimedia Playlist Library Reference Describes how to use libmmplaylist to read playlist files and support operations such as track selection and changing the playback position.
Multimedia Renderer Developer's Guide Explains how to write multimedia applications that use the mm-renderer service to control playback.
Multimedia Synchronizer Developer's Guide Describes how to write multimedia applications that use the mm-sync service to synchronize a device's media information to a database.
Multimedia Test Utilities Guide Describes how to use the multimedia test utilities to prototype, test, and debug media apps.
PPS Objects Reference Describes each PPS object supplied with the QNX SDK for Apps and Media.
Qt Developer's Guide Explains how to set up host systems for Qt development and how to develop, package, and run Qt apps.
System Services Covers each of the main services available for QNX SDK for Apps and Media.
User's Guide Provides a tour of the QNX SDK for Apps and Media platform and describes how to use its key features.
Note: The QNX SDK for Apps and Media relies on the QNX Software Development Platform package that you also installed. You'll find a complete documentation set for this package, which includes the QNX Neutrino RTOS and the QNX Momentics Tool Suite, in the Content pane on your left.

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