About This Guide

This guide explains how to develop user interfaces for apps created with the QNX SDK for Apps and Media using HTML5.

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An overview of using the HTML5 SDK to develop apps for QNX SDK for App and Media Overview of the QNX SDK for HTML5
The HTML5 Development environment for QNX SDK for App and Media The QNX SDK for HTML5 and where to download it
What's supported for HTML5, such as the HTML5 elements (audio, video, etc.) support, CSS3 support, etc. HTML5 support in the Browser Engine
How applications (or apps) run in complete isolation from each other using a sandbox Web Sandbox Model
The process for creating, installing, and running an HTML5 app Developing HTML5 Apps
Creating custom Cordova Plugins Creating Custom Cordova Plugins
Using PPS in an HTML5 app Example: Using the PPS interface

Example: Adding a permission to access a PPS object

Creating plugins to extend your app's functionality Creating Custom Cordova Plugins
HTML5 Reference samples HTML5 Application Samples
Best practices for optimal performance Enhancing Performance