About This Guide

This document explains how to set up a host system for Qt development and how to perform all tasks in the development lifecycle for Qt apps.

The QNX Apps and Media reference image includes many sample Qt apps, which provide useful programming references for developing apps for various domains (e.g., media playback, camera display, system control). The tutorials in this document show you how to use Qt Creator to define projects, specify a basic UI, build and package apps, and deploy and run them on a target system.

To find out about: See:
The components needed to develop Qt apps and where to find these components QNX Qt Development Tools
How to access the QNX Browser and deliver HTML5 content from Qt apps QNX Browser Invocation from Qt
How to install and configure the Qt development tools on your host system Preparing your host system for Qt development
How to develop, package, deploy, and run Qt apps on a QNX Apps and Media target Creating and running Qt apps
How to build a library and dynamically link it into Qt apps Building libraries for Qt apps
How to develop and display a Qt HMI on a QNX Apps and Media target Writing an HMI
How to run applications written for QNX Apps and Media 1.0 on QNX Apps and Media 1.1 targets Building the HMI application for a QNX target