About This Reference

The System Services Reference lists the main services available in the QNX SDK for Apps and Media (also referred to as the Apps and Media SDK). This reference describes each of these services and, where applicable, how to configure and run them.

To find out about: See:
Launching apps Application Launcher (launcher)
Routing audio streams and managing the behavior of concurrent audio streams Audio Management
Authorizing access to services and resources Authorization Manager (authman)
Accessing camera video Camera Video (rearview-camera)
Determining geo-coordinates Geolocation
Generating images (mksysimage.py and other utilities) Image Generation Utilities
Managing the on-screen and USB keyboards Keyboard (keyboard-imf)
Setting up networking Network Manager (net_pps)
Shutting down Shutdown (coreServices2)
Managing the launch order of processes at startup System Launch and Monitor (SLM)