About This Guide

Application and Window Management describes the process of starting/stopping applications and explains how windows interact with the HMI. The guide also explains how to write your own window manager.

This guide is intended for developers who will be creating and deploying apps for embedded devices running QNX Neutrino.

The following table may help you find information quickly:
To find out about: Go to:
Packaging an HTML5 app Packaging an HTML5 app for installation
Packaging a native C/C++ app Packaging a native C/C++ app for installation
Installing an app on your target Installing a packaged app on the target
Launching an app Launching an app on the target
Stopping apps Stopping all apps on the target
Removing apps from your target Uninstalling Apps
The launcher service Application Launcher
Access control Authorization Manager
How to manage your applications Creating Your Own Application Window Manager
Note: For instructions on how to create apps, see the following: