Application Launcher (launcher)


The launcher service acts as a kind of go-between, taking requests from the HMI to launch an app while at the same time checking with the Authorization Manager (authman) to confirm that the app has the appropriate permissions to do what it wants.

The launcher communicates with the rest of the system via a PPS object. For more information, see "Launcher control object (/pps/services/launcher/control)".


launcher [-b | -k | -l | -m app_mem_limit | -p path prefix | -s service prefix | -t num_apps | -U uid[:gid,sgid,...] | -v]


Disable background launch (i.e., launch in the foreground).
Disable background verify.
Disable lock of launcher's memory pages.
-m app_mem_limit
RLIMIT_FREEMEM rlim_cur value (e.g., 970 is 97.0%).
-p path prefix
Location of target root (default is /).
-s service prefix
Location of target pps (default is /pps/services/launcher).
-t num_apps
Number of the most used apps to batch-verify before starting navigator.
-U uid[:gid,sgid,...]
Set explicit uid and optionally gid and any number of sgids.
Increase output verbosity. The -v option is cumulative; each additional v adds a level of verbosity.