Launching an app on the target

After you've installed your app's .bar file, you can launch your app. If you don't have an HMI running on your target, you can still run your app from the command line.

To launch your app:

Run the launch command to start the app:

launch <project_name>

For example, launch com.example.hello.

The launch command creates all the files and folders the app needs in the application sandbox, and then runs the app on the target. You can see the files in the sandbox by examining the app's directory under /accounts/1000/appdata.

To launch the app, the Application Launcher echos the command to launch the app to a PPS object:

echo "msg::start\ndat::${APP},ORIENTATION=0\nid::${APP}" >

where ${APP} is the app's name in the /apps directory.