Packaging an HTML5 app for installation

To create a .bar file for an HTML5 app, you run the Cordova build script that was included in your app when you ran create. Because you don't need to sign your .bar file, you can run the build script in debug mode.

To create a .bar file that can be deployed to your target:

  1. Navigate to the directory that contains your app's files. This is the directory you specified when you ran the create command.
  2. Ensure that all the resources and permissions your application needs are specified in the config.xml file.
    The create command produces a basic config.xml file that defines the properties of the app and specifies the features and functionality the app can access. Depending on the features you add to your app, you may need to edit this file.
  3. Change to the cordova directory.
  4. Run the build command:

    build --debug

After you run the build command, you'll fiel the .bar file for your app in these two directories:

For instructions on creating a simple HTML5 app using Cordova, see "Creating an HTML5 app" in the HTML5 Developer's Guide.

For instructions on installing the app on your target, see "Installing a packaged app on the target".