Installing a packaged app on the target

After you've packaged your app (by running the packager to create a .bar file), you're ready to install the app on your target system.

To install your app:

  1. Copy your app's .bar file from your host machine to your target.
    You could use FTP or a tool such as WinSCP (Windows) for copying files. Or you could use a USB stick, which should appear on your target as a directory called /fs/usb0/.
  2. From a terminal window, execute the bar-install script:


    Each installed app resides in its own directory under /apps on your system. The directory name looks something like this:


    where system_generated_suffix is a combination of the last few characters of the package name and a generated identifier.

    For example, here's the directory name for the default HTML5 app created with the package name com.example.hello:


You can now launch the app. See "Launching an app on the target" for instructions.