QNX 公司的软件产品适用于嵌入式系统开发,可以运行在 ARM、MIPS、PowerPC、SH 和 x86平台上,以及各种嵌入式环境中应用的相关板卡。

QNX® Acoustics for Active Noise Control (QNX® Acoustics 有源噪声控制)软件是一套软件解决方案,它可以用来显著降低车内不和谐的引擎噪声。其高性能以及灵活的库文件集成现有车载硬件,从而省去了专用硬件控制模块的需求及成本。

QNX® Acoustics for Voice is a complete signal processing software solution for automotive voice communications. It is a modular set of field-proven algorithms, based on acoustics technology that is production-proven in tens of millions of vehicles. Dedicated to meeting the specific acoustic challenges of the automotive environment, QNX Acoustics for Voice sets a new benchmark in hands-free quality and has support for the rigorous new requirements of smartphone connectivity.

QNX® Acoustics for Engine Sound Enhancement is a comprehensive software solution that enables the design of rich and engaging engine sound experiences that can be deployed for realtime playback in infotainment systems. The product offers greater configurability at a lower cost, compared with conventional systems that physically alter the drivetrain, and includes an intuitive desktop tool for creating and auditioning sound profiles. QNX Acoustics for Engine Sound Enhancement easily integrates with other QNX acoustic technologies and allows automakers to shape their vehicle soundscape and differentiate their brand.