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Prototyping just got a whole lot easier on QNX! See how our pre-integrated software with support for wireless and wired communications and touch-screen graphics components can move you quickly through the prototyping phase of your next project. Reduce your time to application development, remove your integration headaches, and launch your product faster, with QNX.

What are QNX Accelerator Kits?

The QNX Accelerator Kit is a demonstration and evaluation platform, which is being made freely available for developers and systems integrators for evaluating QNX software. The evaluation platform consists of pre-integrated software components that includes Wifi and Ethernet communications, H.264 and MP4 video, Qt 5.0 and OpenGL® ES 2.0 graphics with touch-screen support, custom software that integrates all components, along with the source files necessary to enhance and customize the software. Included with the software are several demo applications that highlight the unique features of the QNX operating system. The accelerator kits are being initially offered on the Freescale i.MX6-based Sabre Lite and the Texas Instruments AM335 Starter Kit boards.

The QNX Accelerator Kit is a proof-point vehicle aimed at accelerating the proof-of-concept (POC) and evaluation phases of development projects.


QNX does not supply the hardware needed for this evaluation.

What you get

Hardware platforms

These kits run out-of-the-box on the following hardware platforms:

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