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QNX-in-Education FAQ

Questions on the education program? Read the FAQ.
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Q. Who is eligible to apply for the QNX-in-Education program?
There are two types of academic licenses available.  The first is a single user license, meant for use by faculty or researchers of non-commercial research projects.

The second is a multi-user license for educational institutions to introduce QNX software technology as part of their curriculum or course offering.  Eligible institutions include: registered universities, vocational colleges, and not-for-profit research laboratories in specific geographies. 

Academic licenses are provided to eligible institutions and their faculty members.  If you are a student working on a research project, please provide your professor’s information in the application.  For students requiring license(s) for course assignments, license keys are available from your professor.

Please contact if you have any additional questions about whether your course or school is eligible.

Q. How do I apply for the QNX-in-Education program?
To apply for an academic license, visit, select either:

1. Single user license – typically used in research projects conducted by an individual user
2. Multiple user license – applicable to course or lab environments  

Once selected, you will be directed to a short application form requesting a brief description of your intended use along with contact information.  A QNX representative will contact you within 2 business days of your request.  If approved, we will provide your downloadable software and license key(s) at that time.

Q. How do I get technical support for the QNX-in-Education program?

Help and support is available through the QNX Support section of our website, which includes links to Knowledge Base and Foundry27 - a publicly accessible web forum. QNX support, development staff and fellow customers frequent these forums.

If these free resources don’t meet your requirements, we offer different support plan options.

Q. What if I want to use an earlier version of QNX technology, such as the QNX RTOS v4?
New academic licenses are available only for the latest released version of the QNX® Software Development Platform which includes the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS and QNX® Momentics® Tool Suite (together the “SDP”). If you are eligible for an academic license, but need to use the QNX RTOS v4, or need additional v4 licenses, we can make them available to you at a 50% discount as long as it is still on our price list. 

Q. How do I maintain records of my compliance and that of the participating students with the license terms?
We have attached a sample of a “Sign Up Sheet” which you may use to have each participant acknowledge - in writing that he or she is bound by the terms of the QNX Evaluation, Non-Commercial & Academic End User License Agreement (NCEULA).

Q. More questions, comments or information?

Please email us at for answers to any additional questions you may have, or to give us your feedback.
We’re often amazed by the things people use QNX for and would love to hear more about the cool things you’re doing with QNX software – please let us know what you’re up to!