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While the QNX® RTOS v4 is the predecessor to QNX's current operating system, it is still deployed and maintained in real-time and mission-critical projects around the world. This page is a resource for existing customers to gain access to relevant documentation and updated information.

What's new for QNX RTOS v4?

July 2011 — QNX RTOS v4 Update for 2011 is now available for download
A new version of QNX RTOS v4 is now available for download. This release, which includes an updated TCP Stack, USB stack, drivers, and utilities, is also available as an orderable QNX RTOS v4 product update CD.

November 2009 — QNX RTOS v4 — Download
This release includes new and updated QNX RTOS v4 drivers and utilities. It is available as an orderable QNX RTOS v4 product update CD.

October 2009 — QNX RTOS v4 — Experimental
An experimental ISO of the 2009 QNX RTOS v4 CD is available for download.

August 2009 — QNX RTOS v4 — Project
To facilitate the challenge in dealing with hardware obsolescence so that you can continue shipping QNX RTOS v4 based products, QNX Software Systems has launched a QNX RTOS v4 project on Foundry27. Foundry27, our community portal for QNX software developers, has a number of goals:

June 2008 — QNX RTOS v4 — Patch
This zip file contains a CD ISO image for the QNX RTOS v4. This ISO contains the entire QNX RTOS v4 product suite with an updated installer and additional support for IDE and SATA chipsets. This image can be burned using image burning software to create a QNX RTOS v4 installation CD. Use this installation CD if you are experiencing difficulties installing QNX RTOS v4 on more recent hardware.

January 14, 2008QNX renews its commitment to support existing customers on QNX RTOS v4

January 29, 2007 QNX RTOS v4.25 RTOS Technical Note: Changes to Daylight Saving Time in North America

Recent updates

QNX RTOS v4 driver updates can be found in the Download Center in the QNX RTOS v4 section. These updates enhance and update support for the following:

Network chips

Graphics chips

A new ATAPI driver is also available and brings much of the functionality from the QNX Neutrino ATAPI drivers to the QNX RTOS v4, including support for many of the popular hard-drive controllers from:

The QNX 4.25 RTOS USB 2.0 drivers update archive is available from the Download Center. This new functionality adds USB support for USB devices including USB 2.0 support for: