Writing an HMI

You can develop your own HMI for QNX Apps and Media targets using Qt Creator. The process for writing an HMI is similar to that of writing Qt apps except for the packaging (because the HMI is a standalone application and not packaged as a BAR file).

The sections that follow provide a walkthrough of writing an HMI. The major steps include:

  1. Defining the project components (e.g., resource file, main UI file, C++ entry point file).
  2. Compiling, running, and debugging the HMI application on a target system.
  3. Adding controls for various subsystems (e.g., volume) to expand the HMI capabilities as needed.

To develop a Qt-based HMI, you must have the necessary Qt tools installed and configured on your host system, as explained in Preparing your host system for Qt development.