QNX Qt Development Tools

To write Qt apps for QNX devices, you need to install Qt version 5.3.1 and Qt Creator version 3.2.1 onto your development system.

Before you can install the Qt tools, your system must have these platform installations:

With this platform support, you can configure and start using these Qt development tools:

Qt runtime
Our Qt runtime package is based on Qt version 5.3.1 and contains a version of the build tools (e.g., qmake, qcc) adapted to generate binary and library files for QNX Neutrino RTOS.
Qt Creator
This IDE lets you manage projects for Qt applications, edit C++ and QML source files, and add project resources such as images. This release officially supports version 3.2.1 of Qt Creator, which you must configure to use the build tools in the installed Qt runtime package.
Note: Details on accessing and installing the Qt runtime and IDE are given in Preparing your host system for Qt development.