Software Updates

The QNX CAR platform supports software updates by using Red Bend's vRapid Mobile® FOTA software (v8.0.1.29). The reference HMI includes functionality for applying software updates but the platform provides a library and resource manager that you can use to develop your own update application.

As explained in the User's Guide, you can apply updates from the HMI or from the command line. To apply an update, you'll need a delta file, which describes the filesystem changes needed to upgrade your current system to a new version. You can obtain a delta file from your system provider or generate your own delta file. If you update your system through the HMI, your update package must also include a manifest file, which you must write. For details, see "Manifest file" in this guide.

You can also write your own software update application based on the software update library (swu-core) and resource manager (swud) shipped with the platform. The library has an extensive API for defining updates (to represent software changes from a base version to a target version) and update targets (to represent systems with updatable software), and for assigning callback functions that carry out update tasks such as installation and verification.