Applying an update from the command line

You can use the reboot command to initiate updates from a QNX Neutrino terminal.

Note: To update your system from the command line, you need only a valid delta file. You don't have to supply a manifest file because the reboot script creates one to use in the update. The System Services Reference has instructions on generating a delta file.
To apply an update from the command line:
  1. Copy the delta file from an external device (e.g., USB, NFS) into /var/swud/mydelta.mld.
    The filename must be mydelta.mld when updating from the command line.
  2. In a QNX Neutrino terminal, enter the command reboot -U.

The system generates the manifest file in /var/swud. Next, the partial-shutdown utility, downsize, terminates all nonessential processes and then applies the update, displaying the progress in a progress bar on the screen:

The system then reboots. If the update is successful, the system will reboot back into the HMI. If the update is interrupted by, say, a board reset, the system will attempt to reboot again and to reapply the update.