Applying an update from the HMI

You can use the Settings app to initiate updates with one button press.

Note: To update your system from the HMI, you must have a valid delta file as well as a manifest file. The System Services Reference has instructions on generating a delta file and an explanation of the structure and contents of the manifest file (which you must write), including a sample manifest file.
To apply an update from the HMI with the Settings app:
  1. Copy the manifest file into the root directory of a USB mass-storage device formatted as DOS/FAT32.
    The filename must be of the format myname.manifest, where myname is a substring of your choosing. This should be the only manifest file stored on the device.
  2. Copy the delta file into the root directory of the same storage device.
    The delta file can have any name but it must match what's specified in the path key of the manifest file. To ensure the name accurately reflects the delta file's purpose, we recommend following the filename syntax of QNXCAR2-myname-from_version-to_version.mld; this syntax is explained in the instructions for generating a delta file.
  3. Plug the storage device into a USB port on the target board.
  4. From the HMI Home screen, select Apps Section > ALL > Settings.
  5. Once the Settings app has launched, select the SOFTWARE UPDATES tab along the left-hand side of the screen.

    The Software Updates app reports the version of the currently installed software. When the app detects a manifest file on an attached USB device, it displays information about the update and enables the Update button:

  6. Press Update to start the update.

The system copies the manifest file and the delta file from the USB device to /var/swud. Next, the software update daemon, swud, uses downsize to terminate all nonessential processes and then applies the update, displaying the progress in a progress bar on the screen:

The system then reboots. If the update is successful, the system will reboot back into the HMI. If the update is interrupted by, say, a board reset, the system will attempt to reboot again and to reapply the update.