HMI Development Guides

These guides explain how to develop the HMI, using several different methods.

Document Description
HMI Notification Manager Describes the HMI Notification Manager (HNM), a multimodal subsystem for managing asynchronous, multimodal events based on predefined priorities.
HTML5 and JavaScript Framework
Describes the HTML5 and JavaScript components shipped with the QNX CAR platform that let you write your own apps using web technologies. This document includes:
Application and Window Management Describes the managing of HMI applications and windows.
Qt Development Environment Explains how to write your own Qt apps for the QNX CAR platform using the QtQnxCar2 library and Qt framework components.
Showcasing Your Apps on the QNX App Portal Explains the QNX App Portal, which provides a venue for sharing your apps with customers so they can evaluate them.

Supported HMI technologies

In addition to HTML5 and Qt5, the QNX CAR platform supports other HMI technologies. For a listing and brief description of these other technologies, see the Screen Graphics Subsystem Developer's Guide.