About This Guide

This document describes the HTML5 development framework for the QNX CAR platform. It also includes a set of Cordova-compliant JavaScript plugins you can use in your apps.

Although you can use various technologies to build apps for your in-car system, HTML5 offers a number of advantages, including portability, flexibility, feature set, and performance.

To find out about: See:
Overview of the tools you need HTML5 and JavaScript Development Tools
Downloading and installing the tools needed to write HTML5 apps Obtaining the Development Tools
Creating BAR package files for your apps Creating BAR packages for Cordova apps and Creating BAR packages for WebWorks apps
Automotive-relevant Cordova plugins that help you write HTML5 apps Cordova JavaScript Plugins
WebWorks extensions from the 2.0 release WebWorks JavaScript Extensions (CAR 2.0—Deprecated)
Converting a WebWorks application to Cordova for use with the QNX CAR platform Porting WebWorks Applications to Cordova