About This Reference

You can use the Cordova-compliant JavaScript plugins to help write your own HTML5 applications for the QNX CAR platform. This reference describes these JavaScript plugins and all the methods and properties they contain. Note that the WebWorks extensions released with 2.0 are being deprecated.

To find out about: See:
Managing and watching audiomixer settings car.audiomixer
Managing and watching HVAC settings car.hvac
Controlling playback and managing media player settings car.mediaplayer
Browsing and searching for points of interest, navigating to a location, managing maps and favorites car.navigation
Managing user profiles car.profile
Seeking and scanning for stations, adding presets, and manipulating tuners car.radio
Retrieving and watching sensor data car.sensors
Managing HMI themes car.theme
The list of zones to use in HVAC and audiomixer settings car.zone

WebWorks-style plugins

The following qnx.* plugins are provided for backwards compatibility with WebWorks. Note that since WebWorks is being deprecated, these plugins may be replaced in the future.

To find out about: See:
Application events qnx.application.event
Managing Bluetooth operations qnx.bluetooth
Accessing address book information over Bluetooth PBAP qnx.bluetooth.pbab
Accessing device messages (Email, SMS, MMS) qnx.message
Phone functionality qnx.phone
Manipulating system settings qnx.settings