Showcasing Your Apps on the QNX App Portal

The QNX App Portal is an application showcase where developers can submit their automotive-relevant apps built for the QNX CAR platform. Customers (automotive Tier-1 suppliers and OEMs) can download and evaluate your apps on their target hardware.

The process works like this:

  1. You apply to the developer program by sending an email to
  2. You develop your app (HTML5, Qt, or other) and then test it with an emulator or on supported target hardware, if necessary (for more information, contact
  3. After accepting our email invitation to collaborate on the QNX App Portal, you then package your app and submit it using your Box account to the folder indicated in the email invitation.
  4. QNX engineers will evaluate your app and, if it's approved, will share it via the QNX App Portal with users to evaluate.

Uploading Your Apps to the QNX App Portal

To submit an app to the QNX App Portal:

  1. Develop your app using HTML5, Qt, or any other supported technology and then package it.
    Note: For instructions on packaging apps, see the Application and Window Management Guide.
  2. Collect the following three files for uploading to the QNX App Portal:
    BAR archive that contains all your app's code and resources.
    Your app's icon (size should be 86×86 pixels).
    JSON file that contains a set of descriptive fields for your app. Here's an example:
        "name":"Canvas Painter",
        "description":"Canvas Painter is the best !",
    The license entry from this file will appear when the user taps INSTALL in the QNX App Portal client. The installation will begin when the user taps Accept on the license screen for your app.
  3. When your app is selected, you'll receive an email invitation to collaborate on the QNX App Portal. Select the link in the email, go to the Box login page, and enter your account credentials. (If you don't already have a Box account, sign up for one.)
  4. Upload your app's three files to the shared folder on the QNX App Portal.
QNX engineers will then assess your app and, if it's approved, will make it available for OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers to download and evaluate on their QNX CAR platforms.
Note: For instructions on using the QNX App Portal client, see "Downloading Apps from the QNX App Portal" in the User's Guide.