Consulting and Programs

QNX Neutrino Professional Services can enhance and extend your resources with everything from product specification through middleware integration to full product realization. We offer both consulting services and full-scale programs to help take your product across the finish line.


Hardware Support

Need help getting your new board or driver up and running? From commercial to custom, power-on to runtime, we can develop all your low-level board support software in a cost-effective manner.

Certification Support Package

The risks and costs associated with certification programs are not for the faint of heart. Our in-depth knowledge and years of experience in QNX technology, process-oriented development, certification audits, and documented "confidence-in-use" data can help keep both under control.

Porting Service

The process of moving from one RTOS to another can be fraught with hidden pitfalls and costly mistakes. We can keep you on a smooth migration path while ensuring your ported applications are fast, reliable, and maintainable.

General Consulting

How can I optimize system start-up? How can I better use my multi-core processor? How can I speed up my HMI? On or off-site, a few days to several weeks, we can lend a helping hand in multiple technology areas to crank up your system and get you to market in short order.

Development Workshop

Your engineering team is behind. Your turnaround time needs to be faster. You need to reduce the number of trial-and-error iterations. We can work hand-in-hand at QNX facilities with your team to ensure you get on track. We provide development and lab space for multiple team members, test equipment, and prototype hardware.


Project Team

Sometimes you need more than technology to turn a great idea into viable product you need additional skills, specific experience, and extra hands on deck. A QNX team of project managers, senior developers, and test specialists can act as an integrated extension of your team, plugged into your schedule, to pro-actively help you meet your delivery milestones.

Retainer Service

No engineer, no matter how experienced, is equally adept at every phase of the product development cycle. Our retainer service ensures a diversity of QNX resources is available on a priority basis without individual agreements to fulfill your needs as they ebb and flow over a 12-month period.