Performing Unattended Installation of QNX SDP

Updated: May 29, 2023

Using the QNX Software Center command line, you can perform unattended installation of the QNX Software Center and the QNX Software Development Platform (SDP). You can also create an automated deployment script for installing these products across multiple machines. This capability is especially useful if you intend to install QNX SDP on one or more build servers.

If you have a single machine that supports a GUI and a web browser, you can ignore this chapter and use the standard installation procedures described in the QNX Software Center User's Guide.

Before you begin

To create an unattended installation, you must have:

A Linux, macOS, or Microsoft Windows machine that contains an installation of cURL
Visit and click the link to the QNX Software Center “Installation/Release notes” to see which versions of these operating systems are supported.
A working Internet connection to

To test your connection to, check if your web browser can navigate to this URL:

If your machine is headless, run this command instead:
curl -L

The command should print hello world. If it doesn't, your proxy needs to be reconfigured. Provide your IT team with the URL and ask them to configure the proxy or to whitelist the servers. You can also provide the IT team with our proxy troubleshooting note:

You should also make sure that the license you intend to use for your installation appears in the Registered Products section of your myQNX account ( If you're going to use a build server license, we recommend that you create a myQNX account dedicated solely to that license. (Note that build server licenses are supported on Linux and Microsoft Windows machines only.)