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Running Voyager

This chapter shows you how to run Voyager and lists Voyager's command-line options. Topics include:

Note: Before you run Voyager you need to connect to the Internet or an Intranet; see the Setting up a Connection chapter.

To start Voyager

To start Voyager in the default, full-mode, run the following command:


voyager &

Command-line options

Here are the command-line options for running Voyager:

Option Description
-A Run the Voyager client alone. This Voyager client doesn't connect to the Voyager client that's already running and doesn't let new clients connect. By default, a new Voyager client tests for a Voyager client that's already running and sends a message to open a new window and go to a web site.
-c Run Voyager in compact mode. In this mode, Voyager's buttons are text only.
-C filename Run Voyager with the configuration specified in filename, for example: $HOME/.photon/voyager/myconfig. The default configuration file is: $HOME/.photon/voyager/config.full
-D h|l|m|o|p|r|s|t Disable (hide) these features:
  • h - changing URLs in the Hotlist (via right-clicking the URL, then selecting Properties)
  • l - Site field in the main window
  • m - menu bar and menus
  • o - opening a web site from the file menu (and Ctrl -O )
  • p - splash screen
  • r - resizing the base window
  • s - status bar
  • t - toolbar
-e "encoding" Set the startup encoding. The default startup encoding is Western European (ISO 8859-1).
-h height Initial height of the Voyager window.
-P server path Start and connect to the Voyager server specified in server path. The default server is voyager.server.
-s server Photon server node or device name.
-S i|m Bring up Voyager as an icon or maximized.
-u URL Load the URL at startup.
-w width Initial width of the Voyager window.
-x x-coord X-coordinate of the initial position of the Voyager window at the top left of the monitor.
-y y-coord Y-coordinate of the initial position of the Voyager window at the top left of the monitor.


Start Voyager with Japanese encoding, load the configuration information in vconfig, disable the splash screen and toolbar, and use the Voyager server called new.server:

voyager -e "Japanese (Shift JIS)" -C /setup/vconfig -D pt -P /tmp/new.server

Run Voyager using a Photon server on node 4:

voyager -s 4
voyager -s//4/dev/photon

Run Voyager at an initial position 10,10 with an initial dimension of 200*300:

voyager -x10 -y10 -h200 -w300

SSL version

If you have the SSL version of Voyager, one way to run it, is to use the -P option. To run the 40-bit RSA SSL version:

voyager -P /qnx4/spyrus/bin/voyager.ssltsw.js  &

To run the 128-bit RSA SSL version:

voyager -P /qnx4/spyrus/bin/voyager.ssltsw.js.128  &

For further details, see the readme.

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