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Configuring Voyager

This chapter explains the Cache Verify Policy options, lists and explains the WWW Configuration defaults, shows you how to reset Voyager's defaults, and more. Topics include:

WWW Configuration dialog

To configure Voyager Browser, change the options in the WWW Configuration dialog. To bring up the WWW Configuration dialog, click the Options menu, then click Configuration:

WWW Configuration

WWW Configuration dialog

Here are descriptions of some WWW Configuration options:

Cache tab

Cache Verify Policy

Option Description
Never Voyager never verifies the web page in the cache with the Internet; it always downloads the web page from the cache.
Always Voyager always downloads the web page from the Internet.
Once per session During a session, Voyager will check once to see if a web page on the Internet has been updated.

Voyager does not update the files on your network (e.g. you typed file in the Site input field instead of http). If a file has been changed, click on Reload to see the updated version.

Other cache tab options

Option Description
Number of pages to cache Voyager may run faster if you have a large number of web pages cached; however, increasing the number of cached pages will use more memory.
Image Cache Size The image cache holds all images rendered to the screen. If you find web pages with images not displayed, or you have a high-color monitor with a high-color graphics driver running and the "Use 256 colors only" button is disabled, you may need to increase the image cache size.

User Info tab

Option Instruction
Home Page Enter the complete URL of the web page you'd like to appear each time you start Voyager. Restart Voyager for the new home page to take effect.
Email Address Enter your email address.
Email Server Enter the IP address of your SMTP server (e.g. quics.qnx.com or
Underline links Enable if you want the links on web pages to be underlined.
Display server errors Enable if you want error messages to be generated by the host server.
Use 256 colors only Enable if you want to reduce the amount of image cache required to store images while running your monitor in a high-color or true-color mode.

Connection tab

Option Instruction
Use Proxy Server Enable if you use a proxy server(s) for HTTP, FTP, or Gopher or if you use a SOCKS host to connect to the Internet.
Max Connections Enter the maximum number of connections to the Internet allowed at any one time.
HTTP Proxy Enter the IP address of the HTTP proxy server and the port number in the adjacent field.
FTP Proxy Enter the IP address of the FTP proxy server and the port number in the adjacent field.
Gopher Proxy Enter the IP address of the Gopher proxy server and the port number in the adjacent field.
SOCKS Host Enter the IP address of the SOCKS host and the port number in the adjacent field.
Proxy Overrides Enter the IP addresses of host computers that shouldn't go through the proxy server(s). Separate the hosts with commas. Wildcards are supported.

Appearance tab

Option Description
Body Font Family Font of the text of the web page.
Heading Font Family Font of the HTML header tags, H1 to H6.
Preformatted Text Font Family Font of the HTML <PRE> tag (i.e. for text which is displayed as is).

Available fonts

To see the available fonts, see the Photon font mappings in the /usr/photon/font/fontmap file and the installed fonts in the /usr/photon/font/fontdir file. You can also run the Photon Font Installer to see which fonts are mapped and installed.

Voyager's defaults

WWW Configuration defaults

Tab Option Default
Cache Enable Disk Cache Enabled
Disk Cache Size 5000 K
Cache File Location /home/username/.photon/voyager/vcache
Cache Verify Policy Once per session
Number of pages to cache 4
Image Cache Size 1024 K for full mode
512 K for compact mode
User Info Home Page http://www.qnx.com
Underline links Enabled
Connection Max Connections 5
HTTP Proxy 80
FTP Proxy 80
Gopher Proxy 80
SOCKS Host 80
Appearance Initial Font Size 2
Body Font Family times
Heading Font Family helv
Preformatted Text Font Family cour

Resetting the defaults

To return to the default settings:

  1. Exit Voyager.
  2. Delete the config.full file (full mode) or the config.lite file (compact mode) in the $HOME/.photon/voyager directory.

Voyager and dialer files

Type of file Directory Filename
Voyager data $HOME/.photon/voyager cookie.jar, sites.list, etc.
configuration $HOME/.photon/voyager config.full
Hotlist $HOME/.photon/voyager hotlist
History List $HOME/.photon/voyager history.html
HTML source code $HOME/.photon/voyager view_source
ISP Setup $HOME/.photon/phdial connection
Login Script $HOME/.photon/phdial user-determined

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