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About This Guide

Note: For an overview of the changes to the software and docs, see What's new in Photon 1.14 (as of August 16, 2000)

This Installation & Configuration guide accompanies your Photon Runtime software and is intended both for system administrators and Photon programmers. This guide contains installation instructions, configuration options, and man pages for all the utility programs and applications distributed with Photon Runtime 1.14.

The following table may help you find information quickly:

When you want to: Go to this chapter:
Establish the initial Photon environment Basic Installation
Register your service plan and software for technical support "
Influence how Photon starts up Configuring Photon
Change default graphics or input services "
Work with Photon in a language other than English Unicode Multilingual Support
Set up and configure your printers Printing Support
Select and configure fonts Font Support
Install Photon in an embedded system Photon in Embedded Systems
Review utility program options and arguments Applications and Utilities
Select startup options for Photon applications "
Isolate and resolve installation/configuration problems Troubleshooting
Run Photon on a small screen Small-Screen Demo
Look up Photon terms Glossary

What's new in Photon 1.14 (as of August 16, 2000)


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