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Switch keyboard mappings


kbsel [-h height] [-S i|m|n] [-s server]
      [-w width] [-x x_pos] [-y y_pos] 


-h height
Set initial height of window to height pixels.
-S i|m|n
Specify initial window state (i - iconify, m - maximize, n - normal).
-s server
Specify Photon server node or device name.
-w width
Set initial width of window to width pixels.
-x x_pos
Initial x_pos position of window.
-y y_pos
Initial y_pos position of window.


Use this utility to build a list of keyboard mappings, and to switch your keyboard mappings.

Adding keyboard mappings

The first time you start the utility, the Keyboard Mappings dialog is invoked. (The kbsel dialog box that displays your current keyboard mappings also popped up out of focus). You use the Keyboard Mappings dialog to build your mappings lists. The entry that's displayed is the mapping that your input is set to.

To add a new mapping, click Add. The Add Keyboard Mapping dialog appears. This dialog displays the predefined keyboard files in /etc/config/kbd. When you select a mapping, you can also customize the label that's displayed in the Taskbar. Enter your alias in the Name field. To add the mapping to the Keyboard Mappings dialog, click Add. You can continue to enter more mappings; click Close when you're finished.

In the Keyboard Mappings dialog, you can also change the order of the mapping files, or remove mapping files (but they can't be in use). The properties of a mapping file can't be altered, you must remove the file, and re-add it with the desired changes.

You can choose a control sequence to switch between the mappings. Select the desired sequence in the Switch With: field, then click Apply. Click Close when finished in this dialog.

After you close the Keyboard Mappings dialog, a box displaying your selected keyboard mappings is open. You can use this dialog box to switch between your mappings, or use the control sequence that you defined above. After the intial setup, kbsel will start iconified. To make changes to your keyboard mappings, click the right mouse button, and select Properties.


Run kbsel using the Photon server on node 4:

kbsel -s4


kbsel -s//4/dev/photon

Run at initial position (10,10):

kbsel -x10 -y10


Location of the predefined keyboard files.

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