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Display a screen image


pv [-B] [-G] [-H] [-h height] [-P] [-p]
   [-Q] [-S] [-s server] [-t sec] [-w width]
   [-x x_pos] [-y y_pos] [filename]...


Set the palette boundary.
Get the palette from the image.
Set hardware palette.
-h height
Set initial height of window to height pixels.
Set the palette mode to global or force expose.
Force load of /usr/photon/palette/default.pal.
Set the palette-based driver.
Do NOT use shared memory.
-s server
Run pv on this server node or device name.
-t sec
Specify the time delay when displaying more than one image.
-w width
Set initial width of window to width pixels.
-x x_pos
Initial x_pos position of window.
-y y_pos
Initial y_pos position of window.
Name of file to display.


The Photon image viewer displays bitmap image files on the Photon workspace. When you first start the viewer (without specifying an image filename), you'll see a File menu and an empty image area.

The File menu provides a File Selector mechanism for loading image files.

For more information about capturing screen images, see snapshot.


Run pv using the Photon server on node 4:

pv -s4


pv -s//4/dev/photon

Run pv at initial position (10,10) with initial dimension of 200*300:

pv -x10 -y10 -h200 -w300

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