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About This Guide

Note: For an overview of the changes to the software and docs, see "What's new in Photon 1.14 (as of June 02, 2000)."

The Photon Programmer's Guide is intended for developers of Photon applications. It includes the following:

If you'd like to see some sample Photon applications, look in the /usr/free/qnx4/photon/examples directory in QUICS.

What's new in Photon 1.14 (as of June 02, 2000)


PhAB's Environment

Working with Applications

Working with Modules

Editing Resources and Callbacks in PhAB

Generating, Compiling, & Running Code

Working with Code

Manipulating Resources in Application Code

Creating Widgets in Application Code

Accessing PhAB Modules from Code

International Language Support

Context-Sensitive Help

Interprocess Communication and Lengthy Operations

Raw Drawing and Animation




Window Management

Programming Photon without PhAB

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