Updated: May 06, 2022

Process QWF events


#include <qwf/qwf_interface.h>
qwf_ReturnStatus_e qwf_ProcessEvents(qwf_Context_t *pCtx)


A pointer to the QWF service context created by qwf_Init() or qwf_InitializeCore()




This function processes events generated by the QWF services. The function blocks forever to process all events from all services, unless an error occurs or the QWF interface is shut down by qwf_Cleanup(). When an event is generated, the function calls the appropriate service's event handler, which was established by a client's earlier call to the service's event handler registration function.

To stop handling events for a given service, a client should call the service's event handler deregistration function. Refer to each service's interface documentation to learn about its registration and deregistration functions.


RETURN_STATUS_FAILURE is returned only if an internal event queue error occurs. Specific event-handling errors should be dealt with by each service's handler function; these errors don't cause the qwf_ProcessEvents() function to return. In fact, the function never returns as long as the event queue is being read successfully.