QNX SDP Networking Middleware C API

Updated: April 19, 2023

The Networking Middleware package provides reliable network management and Wi-Fi configuration services on systems running QNX Neutrino. The framework offers a feature-rich C API for clients to interact with these services.

This release supports the following public interfaces, provided in individual API header files:

The Tether Manager service isn't controlled through the C API. Instead, you must define packet filtering rules for this service so it can redirect traffic between interfaces, effectively binding (or tethering) them. This is explained in the Networking Middleware Services Reference.

The Networking Middleware package contains more header files than the ones listed here. However, only the listed header files are needed to use the Network Manager and Wi-Fi Manager services, and their functionality has been fully tested; other header files haven't been tested.

The header files contain descriptions of the interfaces and the functions for configuration, service control, and event monitoring. Generally, the interfaces share naming conventions and usages.

Details about how the Networking Middleware services fit into the QNX SDP architecture are given in the Networking Middleware Architecture Guide.