Updated: May 06, 2022

Unload a configuration from memory


#include <aoi.h>

void AoUnloadConfig(AOLoadedConfig_t *cfg);


A pointer to the AOLoadedConfig_t structure that contains the metadata of the configuration to unload.



This function unloads the configuration indicated by cfg. You need to call this function only if your application loads multiple configurations, for each configuration when you're finished using it. Based on the metadata in the given configuration structure, the AOI library decrements the global hold counter and the hold counters for individual controls by the same amounts by which they were incremented when the configuration was loaded. The library also removes the interfaces in the configuration's DLLs from the global list.

Essentially, this function undoes the changes to the global list of interfaces that were made when the given configuration was loaded, so other application components using different configurations are unaffected.


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