How do I get diagnostic information?

You can find diagnostic information in /proc/qnetstats. If this file doesn't exist, Qnet isn't running.

The qnetstats file contains a lot of diagnostic information that's meaningful to a Qnet developer, but not to you. However, you can use grep to extract certain fields:

# cat /proc/qnetstats | grep "compiled"
**** Qnet compiled on Jun  3 2008 at 14:08:23 running on EAdd3528


# cat /proc/qnetstats | grep -e "ok" -e "bad"
  txd ok       930
  txd bad      0
  rxd ok       2027
  rxd bad dr   0
  rxd bad L4   0

If you need help getting Qnet running, our Technical Support department might ask you for this information.