Transparent Distributed Processing Using Qnet

Transparent Distributed Processing (TDP) allows you to leverage the processing power of your entire network by sharing resources and services transparently over the network. TDP uses the QNX Neutrino native network protocol, Qnet, to link the devices in your network.

Using Qnet, you can build a transparent distributed-processing platform that's fast and scalable. This is accomplished by extending the QNX Neutrino message-passing architecture over a network, creating a group of tightly integrated QNX Neutrino nodes (systems) or CPUs—a QNX Neutrino native network.

A program running on a QNX Neutrino node in this Qnet network can transparently access any resource, whether it's a file, device, or another process. These resources reside on any other node (a computer or a CPU in a system) in the Qnet network. The Qnet protocol builds an optimized network that provides a fast and seamless interface between QNX Neutrino nodes.