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QNX Momentics 6.3.0 SP3 Freescale MPC8360E MDS Board Support Package 1.0.0

QNX® Momentics® 6.3.0 SP3

Date of this edition: February 05, 2008

Target OS: This BSP is compatible with targets running QNX® Neutrino® 6.3.0 SP3 or later

Host OS: In order to use this BSP, you must have installed QNX Momentics 6.3.0 SP3 or later as a self-hosted QNX® Neutrino® system, or on one of the following development hosts:

Version of QNX Momentics Microsoft Windows Linux Solaris
6.3.0 SP3 Windows Vista, XP SP2, 2000 SP4, or NT SP6a Linux Red Hat 8 or 9, Red Hat Enterprise WS 3 or 4, Red Hat Fedora Core 3 or 4, Debian 3.1, or SUSE 10 Sun Solaris 7, 8, 9, or 10
6.3.2 Windows Vista, XP SP2, or 2000 SP4 Linux Red Hat Enterprise Workstation 4 or 5, Red Hat Fedora Core 6 or 7, Ubuntu 6.0.6 LTS or 7.0.4, or SUSE 10 Not supported

Boards supported: MPC8360E

Note: If you have QNX Momentics 6.3.0 SP3 installed, you will also need to install the Flash Filesystem & Embedding TDK in order to have flash memory support.


Throughout this document, you may see reference numbers associated with particular issues, changes, etc. When corresponding with QNX Technical Support staff about a given issue, please quote the relevant reference number. You might also find the reference numbers useful for tracking issues as they become fixed.

What's in this BSP?

This BSP contains:

  • source code
  • documentation

Source code

  • IPL
  • Startup
  • PCI server
  • Serial driver
  • Network driver (with dependent libraries: qelib and libdrvr)
  • I2C driver


  • MPC8360E MDS BSP readme (HTML)

Each BSP guide contains board-specific information and instructions on building an OS image for that particular board.

Location of source and documentation

After you've installed the BSP, you'll find some or all of the following in installation_dir (depending on what the BSP includes):

File or directory Description
uninstall A script that will uninstall the BSP and its documentation
images/ All buildfiles and the Makefile
install/ An empty directory where make installs the binaries that it builds from the source code
prebuilt/ Prebuilt binaries, libraries, and headers
src/ Source code
Makefile Control file for building the source code
setenv.sh A script that sets up the build environment (to be included in the Makefile)
source.xml The XML file that the IDE uses
docs/usr/help/product/bsp_BSP_name/ Documentation to be copied to $QNX_TARGET/usr/help/product
BSP_name_rel.html Release notes

For documentation about all your installed BSPs, see $QNX_TARGET/usr/help/product/bsp_index.html.

The "roadmap" page (e.g. from the Windows XP start menu: Release notes-->All Programs-->QNX Momentics 6.3.0-->Documentation) contains links to the various HTML booksets that accompany the OS: System Architecture, Building Embedded Systems, Programmer's Guide, Library Reference, Utilities Reference, etc.

Known issues for this BSP

  • The IPL included in this BSP release is compatible only with the MPC8360EA-MDS-PB (board revision Pilot) version of the development platform. It has been tested under the following configurations:
    • MPC8360E silicon rev. 2.1
    • Board assembly rev. 0.51
    • Factory preset switches
    • 256 MB DDR2 SO-DIMM pugged into U33
  • The BSP's src/hardware/devn/ucc_ec directory contains a README file outlining the specific limitations of the network driver.
  • Don't rename the directory after running setupbsp, or else you won't be able to build or uninstall the BSP properly. (QNX Ref# 38361)
  • If you uninstall this BSP, the uninstaller removes only those files that were originally shipped with the BSP (whether or not you modified them). If you've added any files, they remain on your system. (QNX Ref# 38368)
  • The uninstaller script doesn't remove itself when you uninstall the BSP. (QNX Ref# 38368)
  • If you install a BSP more than once, and then uninstall an instance of it, the documentation for all copies of the BSP is uninstalled. (QNX Ref# 38320)
  • All QNX BSPs ship with an images/Makefile whose purpose is to build an image filesystems (ifs) file using drivers built from source. Currently, it's set up to copy buildfiles from within the source directory structure (source/hardware/startup) to the images directory so that it can generate an ifs. This happens automatically when you do a top-level make, but this mechanism doesn't work when you're making an binary BSP. (QNX Ref# 38242)

    Workaround: For a binary-only BSP, change these lines in the root Makefile:

    all: install links $(if $(wildcard images/*),images)
        @echo done

    to the following:

    all: prebuilt links $(if $(wildcard images/*),images)
        @echo done

Uninstalling this BSP

  1. Log in as root (or as a user with system-administrator privileges on Windows).
  2. Go to the directory where you installed the BSP (installation_dir).
  3. Run the uninstall script that you'll find in this directory:
    ksh ./uninstall

Technical support

To obtain technical support for any QNX product, visit the Support + Services area on our website (www.qnx.com). You'll find a wide range of support options, including community forums.