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QNX Software Development Platform Activation Troubleshooting Page.

Under some circumstances the QNX Software Center may report that your manual activation has failed when it has actually succeeded. If this occurs, click CANCEL in the window that notified you about the error. Do NOT click OK, otherwise you will need to manually enter your License Key (you can find it in your account on the web site under Registered Products). After clicking Cancel, go to Window -> Preferences, and choose License Keys and Activations. If the Status field in the line corresponding to your license key reports Activated, then your activation has succeeded. If the Status is not Activated, your activation has genuinely failed and you should look at other possible causes.

Product doesn't activate.

If you can't generate an activate-response key, check that every character in the activate-prompt key is correct. Make sure that you've used the correct case for all letters, and that you haven't misread the characters '1' , 'I', 'l', 'O', '0', '2' and 'Z' . If you still can't generate an activate-response key, email your activate-prompt key to activate@qnx.com.

If you generated an activate-response key, but the manual activation program rejects it, please ensure that:

- your activate-prompt key hasn't changed since you first ran the manual activation application.Some things that could cause the activate-prompt key to change include installing additional QNX Momentics software, changing your network adapter, and changing your IP address (common in networks where the IP address is assigned dynamically via DHCP). If the activate-prompt key has changed, come back to this web page and generate a new activate-response key based on the new activate-prompt key.

- you entered the activate-response key exactly as given; make sure you've used the correct case for all letters, and that you haven't misread the characters '1' , 'I', 'l', 'O', '0', '2' and 'Z'.

System complains that serial number is already activated

Sometimes, when installing a product on a new machine, you see a warning that the product's serial number is already activated. If so, the product is probably governed by a named user license and is still activated on your old machine. To resolve this issue, use the QNX Software Center on the other machine to deactivate the product.

Product won't deactivate

If you attempt to deactivate a product with a named user license and the operation fails, you can go to your myQNX account and deactivate the product from there.