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Activation Troubleshooting

Can't activate product (QNX SDP 7 users)

A named user QNX SDP 7 development seat can be activated on only one machine at a time. If you experience an activation failure or see an activation extensions have now been exceeded message, you are probably trying to activate a seat that is already activated on another machine. If so, the seat must be deactivated on the other machine before you can activate it on your current machine.

To activate or deactivate a product, you typically use the QNX Software Center. For details, see the myQNX License Manager and QNX Software Center User's Guide, located on the QNX Product Documentation page. See also "Can't deactivate product" below if you are unable to deactivate.

For additional troubleshooting help, see the QNX Software Center Technotes, also located on the QNX Product Documentation page.

Can't deactivate product (QNX SDP 7 users)

Normally, you use the QNX Software Center to deactivate a product. In some cases, however, you have to perform the deactivation manually. For instance, manual deactivation is required when the activated product has been lost, the local activation record has been destroyed, or the employee who activated the product has left the company. If any of these conditions apply, see myQNX License Manager and QNX Software Center User's Guide, which describes how to deactivate products manually.

Manual activation issues (all users)

If you are performing manual activation and can't generate a response key, check that you've entered every character in the activate-prompt key correctly. Make sure that you've used the correct case for all letters, and that you haven't misread the characters 1 (one), l (lowercase 'el'), I (uppercase i)', O (uppercase O), 0 (zero), 2, and Z. If you still can't generate a response key, email your activate-prompt key to activate@qnx.com.

If you've generated a response key, but the manual activation program rejects it, ensure that:

The activate-prompt key could change, for example, when you install additional QNX Momentics software, change your network adapter, or change your IP address (common in networks where the IP address is assigned dynamically via DHCP). If the activate-prompt key has changed, return to the platform activation page and generate a new response key based on the new activate-prompt key.