This release fully supports the Web Graphics Library (WebGL). The library is integrated into the "WebLauncher" HTML5 rendering engine, so you don't need to download and install any binaries to use the graphics library.

WebGL is a cross-platform JavaScript API, based on OpenGL ESĀ 2.0. It is a DOM API that runs in the HTML5 canvas element to render interactive 3D graphics in compatible browsers.

This release includes two demo apps for WebGL. Both apps are found under App Launcher > Settings > Favourites To launch one of the apps, simply tap its icon in the list. You can exit from a demo app by swiping from the top center of the display to pull down the Settings app menu, or even by tapping the task bar tab for Application Launcher to return to its main screen.

Peaks and Valleys

Peaks and Valleys provides a 3D animation of mountainous terrain in which the user is given camera control so they can scroll the image and simulate movement.


TunnelTilt simulates movement through a tilting tunnel, in a game that requires the user to constantly steer the camera to avoid hitting the tunnel sides.