Developing a Native App

A native app makes direct use of OS services and the OpenGL ES API.


To build a native app for the QNX CAR application platform, you use the QNX CAR development platform, which includes an Eclipse-based IDE to create the necessary source files and to run and debug the app on your target hardware. Building an app in this way is much the same as building an application for any QNX Neutrino target.

This chapter describes how to connect the IDE to your target hardware so you can begin developing apps. You'll find instructions for creating a "Hello World" app and running it on your target.

Developing HTML5 apps

Although you can use various technologies to build apps for the QNX CAR application platform, HTML5 offers a number of advantages, including portability, flexibility, capabilities, and performance.

For details on using HTML5, see Developing HTML5 Apps with WebWorks.