Building a native application on the command line

You can use command-line tools to build a native app for the QNX CAR application platform.

Note that these steps assume you're using a Linux host.
To build a native app (gles2-gears) on the command line:
  1. Create a directory to serve as a staging location:

    $ export QNX_CAR2_STAGING=$HOME/path/qnxcar2

  2. Set up the build environment:

    $ source development-platform-installation-path/

  3. Set up the QNX CAR development platform environment:

    $ export MAKEFLAGS="-I${QNX_TARGET}/usr/include/mk $MAKEFLAGS"

    $ export CPULIST=arm

    $ export VARIANTLIST=v7

  4. Identify target information:


    $ echo "INSTALL_ROOT_nto := $QNX_CAR2_STAGING/install" > $QCONF_OVERRIDE

    $ echo "USE_ROOT_nto := $QNX_TARGET" >> $QCONF_OVERRIDE


  5. Ensure you're in the gles2-gears project directory and build the app:

    $ make clean

    $ make install

Note that the following files are created: