OS Core Components

These guides explain how to use the QNX Neutrino RTOS. If you're new to the OS, you should start with the System Architecture guide.

Document Description
Adaptive Partitioning User's Guide Describes how to use adaptive partitioning to control the allocation of resources among competing processes.
Boot Optimization Guide Describes optimization techniques to minimize the startup time of your system
Building Embedded Systems Tells you how to get the OS running on your target embedded system, write an IPL, customize a startup program, etc.
Core Networking Stack User's Guide Describes how to use io-pkt-* for networking on QNX Neutrino.
Customizing a BSP Provides guidance on modifying a reference board BSP to work with a custom board.
Device Publishers Developer's Guide Provides a reference of all PPS objects written by device publishers and lists the command options you can set for publishers.
High Availability Framework Developer's Guide How to build robust high-availability software running on the QNX Neutrino realtime operating system.
Instant Device Activation How to set up a “minidriver” to start devices quickly when the system boots.
Migrating to QNX SDP 7 Describes how to adapt your programs, buildfiles, and so on if you're moving to QNX SDP 7.0 from an earlier release
Persistent Publish/Subscribe Developer's Guide Describes the QNX Persistent Publish/Subscribe service and its API.
QDB Developer's Guide How to set up, configure, and use the QNX database (QDB).
Security Developer's Guide Describes how to implement and enforce security policies to create and maintain a trusted execution environment.
SMMUMAN User's Guide Describes the QNX System Memory Management Unit Manager (SMMUMAN), a system memory management unit (IOMMU/SMMU) manager that uses the DMA containment and memory-management support available on supported boards.
System Analysis Toolkit (SAT) User's Guide Describes how you can use the instrumented microkernel to perform a detailed analysis of what's happening in an entire QNX Neutrino system.
System Architecture Describes the philosophy and architecture of the microkernel, resource managers, processes, threads, message-passing services, and more.
Technotes Deals with a series of topics, often platform-specific, that aren't covered in the basic docset.
User's Guide Explains how to use the QNX Neutrino runtime environment and perform system-administration tasks.