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The QNX SMMUMAN and QNX SMMUMAN for Safety User's Guide describes how to install and use the QNX SMMUMAN, and QNX SMMUMAN for Safety. Throughout this document when we refer to SMMUMAN, the smmuman service, etc., unless we explicitly state otherwise, we are referring to both safety and non-safety variants.


If you are building a safety-related system, you must use the QNX SMMUMAN for Safety variant which has been built and approved for use in the type of system you are building, and you must use the SMMUMAN only as specified in its Safety Manual.

SMMUMAN components that have been certified for a safety-related system have the suffix “-safety” (e.g., foo-safety.so). Only these safety components may be used in a safety-certified system.

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To find out about: See:
DMA device containment; and SMMUMAN and its components Architecture
Installing and starting the smmuman service Installation and Starting and stopping smmuman
The smmuman service and its responsibilities Mapping DMA devices and memory regions
Configuring the smmuman service Configuring smmuman
Using the smmuman service client API Mapping DMA devices and memory regions and SMMUMAN Client API Reference