Apps Section

The Apps Section screen shows icons for add-on apps, including BestParking, The Weather Network, Pandora Radio, and more. There's also the Settings app, which provides controls for Bluetooth connectivity, software updates, and wired and wireless network settings.

The ALL category in the Apps Section screen shows all the apps installed on your platform, including any new apps you install from the QNX App Portal. These add-on apps run independently of the HMI, so you can launch HTML5 apps when running the Qt5 version of the HMI, and vice versa.

Note: We have included these third-party apps in the QNX CAR platform's evaluation images. If you build your own target image manually, you won't find these apps on your target. However, you can download them via the QNX App Portal. For instructions, see "Downloading Apps from the QNX App Portal" in this guide.

After installing the QNX CAR platform, you should see icons for the following apps under ALL:

API Demos
An app that demonstrates some capabilities of APIs for the Runtime for APK.
Compares parking rates so you can find the best deals.
Web browser app that uses the WebLauncher rendering engine to support HTML5.
A calculator app for the Runtime for APK.
Discovers bands, festivals, and events in any city.
Note: You may need to scroll to see the eventseeker app. To scroll, touch the side of the screen and drag your finger up.
Local Search
Uses the Google Maps service for POI searches and for Weather.
Third-party Internet radio service. You can start a standalone version of this app from the Apps Section screen but another version is integrated into the Media Player (see "Pandora Radio" for more information).
Note: Pandora isn't available in the Qt version of the HMI.
Provides community-based parking information.
WebGL demo game that provides a 3D animation of mountainous terrain. The user is given camera control to scroll the image and simulate movement.
QNX App Portal
Allows developers to showcase their HTML5 apps for automakers to evaluate (see "Downloading Apps from the QNX App Portal" for more information).
Rearview Camera
Displays the video feed from a rearview camera (if this is supported by the hardware). Tapping the Apps Section button will then return to the previous display.
Configures device settings for:
  • Bluetooth Connectivity—lets you pair or unpair Bluetooth devices. Any device pairing will persist across reboots.
  • Software Updates—detects any pending updates by reading a delta file residing on a USB stick. You can start applying the update with one button tap.
  • Wired Network—lets you configure your IP address settings.
  • WiFi Hotspot—lets you configure your system as a hotspot.
Provides an HMI control for gracefully rebooting the system. Tapping one button invokes the reboot script, which backs up the personalization database, shuts down PPS, remounts the user data and DOS filesystems as read-only to flush any changes to disk, and restarts the system.
We recommend always running the reboot script—either by using the Shutdown app or by manually invoking reboot at the command line—to shut down or restart your system. Disconnecting and reconnecting the power supply can corrupt files and leave your system in an unpredictable state.
Slacker Radio
Internet radio service for listening to custom music, news, sports, and comedy stations for free. Subscribers have on-demand access to specific songs, albums, and playlists.
Another WebGL demo game. This app simulates movement through a tilting tunnel.
Links to The Weather Network. The WeatherNetwork app uses geolocation to set the current location. If the correct location can't be determined, the default location of Oakville, Ontario, Canada is used.
Note: Since The Weather Network uses SSL to securely access websites it may need, you must make sure that the system clock on your platform is set during startup, before the HMI loads. Otherwise, the app may fail. For more information, see "Realtime Clock Synchronization" in the System Services Reference.