Pandora Radio

The Pandora Radio app is distributed with the QNX CAR platform. You can access a standalone version of the app (under the ALL category of the Apps Section screen) or an integrated version (through the Media Player).

Pandora Radio is an Internet radio service that users can personalize by creating radio stations that stream content customized to their own tastes.

Note: The service is available only in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

To work with Pandora Radio, you must first create a Pandora Developer account on the Pandora website ( At the Pandora site, click Visit the sign up page, then complete and submit the application form to request access to the API.

Pandora provides two sets of usernames and passwords. Using one set of these credentials, you can log in from the Pandora app:

  1. On the taskbar, tap Apps > ALL > Pandora.
  2. If you're accessing Pandora Radio for the first time since starting your system, you'll be prompted for authentication credentials:

  3. On the login page, type your credentials and then tap Submit.

    After a successful login, the Pandora application is activated and appears on the screen:

You can enter the same credentials to access the version of Pandora that's integrated into Media Player. For more information, see "Play Radio".

Note: Since Pandora uses SSL to securely access websites it may need, you must make sure that the system clock on your platform is set during startup, before the HMI loads. Otherwise, Pandora may fail. For more information, see "Realtime Clock Synchronization" in the System Services Reference.

Theming in Pandora

Theming in Pandora is provided by the theming API. All styles and image assets defined in the API are located under /usr/hmi/common/themes/. The theme API app name used for the external Pandora application is PandoraExternal.

The Pandora application changes skins when the user switches between the HMI's default, midnightblue, and titanium themes.