Rearview camera


The QNX CAR platform supports a video feed from a camera attached to the reference board. This camera is intended for use as a rearview (backup) camera in the vehicle.

This release supports cameras on the following boards:

When the platform detects any cameras attached to the hardware, it automatically launches the rearview camera software component. The default state of this component is to stay paused and not render the video feed. It can be triggered to open a window and render the video feed from the camera to the screen by:

For more information about using the rearview camera, see "Rearview Camera" in the User's Guide.

PPS objects

The QNX CAR platform uses the /pps/qnxcar/sensors PPS object's cameraRearviewActive attribute to learn if a rearview camera is attached and active.

For application and window management, the rearview camera software component uses the following PPS objects: