Rearview Camera

All hardware boards supported by this release can capture video and display a video feed from a camera. If your vehicle has a rearview camera, the camera's video feed replaces the HMI when you put the vehicle in reverse.

The video feed fills the entire display, so you won't even see the status bar at the top or the taskbar at the bottom:

Note: The HMI returns to its previous display when you shift out of reverse.

You can also display this video feed by accessing the Rearview Camera app in the Apps Section screen. In this case, the status bar and taskbar remain but the rest of the HMI shows the camera's video feed.

Camera detection

For the supported board types, when the board boots up, the rearview-camera service is started. If it detects a video signal, the service displays the video on the screen during startup. If it doesn't detect a signal, the service exits. When the HMI starts up, it takes control of the rearview-camera service by using it to start and stop the display of video from the signal detected during bootup. The HMI starts and stops the video rendering based on the activity of the vehicle operator or any apps that interact with the rearview-camera service through PPS.


For information about how to connect a camera to your board, as well as about any configuration you may have to do, see the BSP User Guide for your board.