View definitions for SNMPv2




The view.conf file is used to define the views of the MIB data that's available to the defined parties (/etc/party.conf) via a defined context (/etc/context.conf).

Here's the search order that's used to find this file:

  1. /nodecfg/node_name/etc/view.conf, where node_name is the value of the CS_NODENAME configuration string (see getconf and setconf)
  2. /etc/view.conf

The file is in the format:

viewindex viewsubtree viewstatus viewmask


Unique number representing the view.
A subtree in the MIB that includes the objects that the defined parties should have access to.
Defines whether the subtree is to be included or excluded.
Used with the instance of subtree to determine whether the object identifier being specified is in the family of view subtrees.

For example:

3 .iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt included NULL

All of the objects that reside under the subtree .iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt are included in the view number 3.

See also:

snmpget, snmpgetnext, snmptest, snmptrapd, snmpwalk

Based on ISO IS 8824 (ASN.1), RFC 1065, RFC 1066, RFC 1067, RFC 1446